Virgo Daily Horoscope |



You’ve received a lot of negatives from someone, and now that there’s a small approach you’ve started seeing things from a more optimistic perspective. Nevertheless, you don’t want to get your hopes up too early.

After so much waiting, now you don’t want to give in on any of this person’s claims. What you have is purely physical attraction and sex is obviously a priority for you, but you don’t ignore the fact that later it could become something more formal.

You’ve somewhat forgotten your closest relatives lately. They won’t tell you directly, but they miss your visits. Save a bit of your time for them, they will probably be more grateful than anybody else.

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You don’t want to risk your savings right now. A good friend is putting a lot of effort into convincing you to buy a financial product, but right now you will turn down this option.

You know that if everything goes well, the benefits would multiply, but the fear of losing everything is bigger. Saving all this money was a lot of effort and you don’t want to risk it like this.

Today it will be a favourable day for those who work in the arts and culture field. You will see your work has been noticed and it will obtain recognition through an award or the kind words of the public.


One of your resolutions this week is to do more exercise. If it’s been a while since you last trained, you will probably end up with stiffness and sore. Don’t try to do what you should have done the last weeks all in one single day.

Remember how important it is to warm up before training, and adapt your effort to your physical shape.

Try to set some long term goals in order to be as constant as you can. Why don’t you join a race or a competition? You will ask a friend’s participation to achieve your goal, it will be the person in charge of pushing you when you feel lazy.

You will feel desperate at first, and you’ll even think this sport is not for you, but it will probably be a while until you find out which discipline suits you best.