Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 9

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The Moon sharpens your sensitivity and that makes Virgo become more receptive to signs of affection. You will not reject a hug or a caress. There might be something that worries you and you will seek comfort in your partner or a relative.

You need a radical change in your life, that’s why you’re considering to move or change cities. You will leave everything behind except for your partner, who is going to follow you anywhere.

Your relationship is strong and solid, today is a good day to propose or to talk about having children. You think the right moment has arrived and you won’t receive a negative.

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Some issues at work are stressing you these days. You need people to help you instead of being able to do things on your own. Don’t hesitate and ask for this help when you need it.

Those Virgo who are unemployed, you should think about educating yourselves. It’s a good moment to keep studying. There are many jobs you should take into account.

For the moment you have your savings and this prevents you from struggling financially, but you can see that your income is not great and money flies. You need to stop this situation as soon as possible.


Don’t commit the mistake of checking on the internet when you are given the results of some tests. You will be upset for no reason. It’s not as bad as you think.

In case you have some doubts just make an appointment with another doctor to have a second opinion.

This will make you start worrying about your health seriously. You will start eating healthy and you will even do some exercise to stay active. Why don’t you start using the stairs and leaving the car in the garage?

Any change, as little as it seems, will help you improve your health.