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Virgo Forecast for Friday 8th June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Friday
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After some stormy days in love and your emotions, today is the day in which you must leave all that weight behind and start relaxing your soul so you can enjoy this beautiful day.

Dear Virgo, it's a reality that you live surrounded by very good people ready to give you an unconditional love. As real as you waste it, blinded by your daily obligations and lack of time. But today there is no excuse for that ...

An advice of the stars, Virgo: Open yourself once and for all to radical life, and do it now. If you live each experience with maximum intensity, you have all the chance to win. Your path to happiness starts today.


Today can be a very productive day at work, but it depends only on you. You will have the opportunity to discover that the people around you have a lot to teach you and that you can learn many things from them to progress.

But you have to be receptive, Virgo, to break somehow that circle of closure in which you work without looking around you. Isolation only makes you more methodical, more prolific and more disciplined, but it deprives you of the relationship of your colleagues.

If you can look up and start talking to them, you will realize that complementing your knowledge with their experience will greatly enrich your work profile.


If you usually work in front of the computer, check your eyes, Virgo, because the stars foresee some problems in reference to the effects of the computer in your retina.

First, listen to your body, analyze if in recent weeks you have felt stinging in the eyes, redness, or problems with the focus. In the most extreme cases, after a few hours on the computer a headache appears in the central part of the forehead.

Anyway, don't hesitate to go to the eye doctor, because you can have a tired eyesight or even the beginning of astigmatism (which can be corrected with a few simple lenses).

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