Virgo Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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The new influence of the stars brings you a most passionate surprise. You will live some experiences with your partner that will make you learn and discover new things, sensations that you have never imagined or felt.

However, this sensation –a priori harmless– can play a trick on those who are single: walking as if you were carrying a lighter isn't a good option. If you turn it on every time you see someone you like go by, it's likely that you will end up creating a generalized stampede.


Developing your capacity to adapt to any situation is a phrase that you should remember over and over again throughout this day. At work there are times when you can't predict how the day will go but the fact is that this Monday is going to be very unstable.

Everything may start to change as the day goes by and an unexpected news may make what could be broken, break. From one moment to another, the situation can be destabilized to unsuspected limits. You will test your ability to work under stress situations.


In order to be fully happy, Virgo, you would need a job that didn't involve you doing too much physical effort. As a good intelligent person and for which the true value of the human being is in your interior, and in your knowledge and attitude, you prefer not to complicate your existence much.

In your day to day life you always show more predisposition to do all those things that are comfortable and easy, physically speaking. You prefer to spend your time to get to know yourself better than to spend hours practicing sports and that is a choice as valid as any other that you must enforce.