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Your Virgo Horoscope for 2019

Yearly horoscope for Virgo
Magic horoscope yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



The love of Virgo will move towards consolidation: having overcome a period of blockages and difficulties in January and February, personal growth and the liberation of certain reluctance towards others will make you a devoted, generous and more understanding person. In addition, you’ll clear things up and won’t be afraid to take important steps in your relationship.

In the coming months you’ll reinforce the need for the warmth of home and family; however, you’ll have to make an effort to recover the passion in your love life.

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Virgo, your family is about to increase because the year will end with a birth or a pregnancy announcement. In the relationships between parents and children, Virgos under the influence of the signs of water will end arguments to find peace and depth. Your tenderness, compassion and forgiveness will be awakened.

Try to improve your character by being more empathetic, warmer and closer, so that your relatives could trust you more. Reduce tension to give way to fraternity.


Large amounts of money at the beginning of 2019 can break your natural tendency to save, especially under the influence of Mars and Pluto in your regent. It is a crucial moment that can trigger complicated situations, such as upsetting expenses and debts at the beginning of the summer. The challenge is to avoid depending on others or having to ask for money.

If you succeed in recovering your common sense and managing your money rationally, your economy will stabilize again. From September and October luck will be on your side and you’ll sign some interesting contracts and property sales so you can thrive again.


The energy you’ll receive from the starts in career development will lead you to complicated moments in 2019, especially in the first and the last parts. However, your willpower and perseverance are the best weapons to deal with difficult situations. In the months of April, May and June you’ll be in danger of being fired, although from July to November you’ll have new opportunities.

The good news is that the stars don’t foresee long periods of unemployment for Virgo, quite the opposite, instability won’t bring insecurity. It’s important that you learn to assume certain roles of submission and humbleness in order to evolve at work.

At the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn work chances will increase which will generate some stress but also reward. Promotion and salary increase will bring you a lot of satisfaction.


If you manage to face the main challenges at the beginning of the year, especially stop taking so much medication and change some bad eating, drinking and smoking habits, you’ll be in perfect physical and mental condition from March or April until the end of the year.

2019 will be a very important year to reinforce something essential in your life, such as mental balance and body strength. The first semester of the year will be ideal to resist temptations, initiate processes of renewal and kick the bad habits. In the middle of the year it’s a good idea to take up regular physical exercise to tone your muscles.

Stress and anxiety will disappear miraculously thanks to alternative and oriental therapies, such as yoga, reiki and meditation in general.