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Virgo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 1st June by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Friday
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Dear Virgo, spring and the beginning of summer are periods in which we all feel more alive and active and, in matters of love and the couple, more excited. It's a perfect moment for you to unleash your most passionate side and, why not say it, wild.

Propose things to your partner that you have never dared to tell them, innovate new things in your intimate relationships and, when you are together, show yourself liberated and definitely seductive.

If you are a lonely Virgo, now is undoubtedly your moment. Launch yourself, call that person you like, stay with them and kiss them, let the passion do the rest. Enjoy, Virgo, the planets are almost forcing you to it.


It's the beginning of the month, and always the same worries in your head, Virgo. Relax, the stars bring good news for this beginning of June: you're going to start off on a very good footing and it's up to you to continue maintaining that inertia.

Lately you have to admit that finances aren't your thing, Virgo, and that everything you try comes out the other way around. But you start a very good stage in which, above all, good fortune augurs on investment issues.

Avoid gambling and other entertainment, because the stars don't see much fortune there. But on the other hand, they do in short-term investments. But you have to define well where, when and to what extent you are going to make those investments. Let yourself be advised by a professional.


You're so convinced that nothing can hurt you that all the warnings your body sends you to start taking some care are invisible to you. You won't listen until one day something happens and you have to run to the hospital. Very typical of you.

Today may be that day, Virgo, because the planets warn you of an unusual situation in relation to some part of your body located in the respiratory system. If you notice difficulty breathing, run to the doctor.

Don't be alarmed when reading this, Virgo. Take it as a warning that you aren't doing things right and that as we add years it's preferable to redouble efforts to take care of ourselves. Why not start taking some routines that will strengthen your body?