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Virgo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 12th May by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Saturday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Nothing you try lately to have a lasting relationship seems to work. You feel lost and you begin to lose hope in yourself.

The problem is that you always try to find the defects in others, instead of analyzing what you are doing wrong. It's clear that being so strict with others is not giving you results. So, learn to understand that difference is often what makes you want to know others.

Take some time to improve and enhance your best qualities. Soon someone will appear in your life who you can put your new skills into practice with.

Also, today will be an especially tense day in your relationship with your closest friends. Check your attitude in recent days, especially as regards the haughtiness with which you say things. Try to relax more when you are with your friends, and don't pretend to be always right in everything. Your arrogance is taking them away from you.


A person near you is having a really bad time, and you don't even notice, Virgo.

It's likely that that person doesn't want to turn to you, but it's obvious that they need help from someone close and urgent. If so, try to worry about the people closest to you, ask and try to find out who is in need of you.

Or maybe that person comes directly to you. That someone asks us for money is always something uncomfortable, and can generate some other internal conflict.

Act normally and coldly analyze the situation. If you can afford that help, do it without hesitation. If not, give only as much as you can give, and actively help that person to get out of that situation with psychological support and advice.

Sometimes money doesn't solve everything.


You are in an exceptional situation to explore alternative medicine.

It often happens that people tend to resort to alternative medicine out of desperation, when we find ourselves in a serious situation that traditional medicine can't solve.

However, now that your body is healthy and you feel so good about yourself you can start learning in a new world that can bring you improvement in many aspects. A Virgo with so much desire to know and explore, for sure will make the most of that opportunity.

Don't stay in the practical part! Get some books where you can learn the history, concepts and techniques of such interesting techniques.