Virgo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd April by Magic Horoscope

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With so much going around that ideal couple that you dream so much about having, what you are provoking is attracting precisely the kind of person you don't want. Today you may live a very uncomfortable situation, when you receive a message from someone who seems interested in you and that you don't like at all.

However, your reaction seems unpredictable: the stars are favorable whether you give them a chance or not. Maybe that person in question is generating a sense of love-hate that you need to clarify.

In any case, you must recognize to yourself that what really attracts you are complicated relationships; those in which you know you can give something to the other person and make them change.


The importance you give to your material assets depends directly on the time of your life in which you find yourself. Now that you lack certain amenities and have discovered that paying bills is not an easy task, you have become someone who pays more attention to material goods than to altruistic actions.

Maybe that desire for your knowledge has led you to collaborate with a charity association or NGO and today you discover that you want to stop being part of it.

Probably some events have triggered that you feel that your effort isn't being rewarded and that it's taking time to devote to other issues.

The position of the stars reveals that you are living some situations you don't feel comfortable in. It seems that your scale of priorities has changed, Virgo.


Doing "temerities" with your own body is something that hasn't caught your attention too much, but today you will be surprised doing something you never thought you could do. Once in a while you're that unpredictable, Virgo.

In general, it's easier for you to recognize that you like a risky change of look, for example, than to be the one who shows one. But today everything will be different and you will step forward, willing to do what you have always wanted. Make a piercing, a tattoo or as we say, a risky change of look.