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Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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It's obvious that not everything is in books, Virgo, and that the most important things, the most essential, can't be explained by any science or by the best of novelists.

However, reading is a very useful tool because it offers us not only a door to the evasion of reality, which helps us to switch off and relax, but also many keys to reflect on deeper issues.

In each book we can find questions to try to answer, fictitious situations that make us think about reality, examples for our daily problems. Take advantage of today's Saturday to reflect on your life through reading.


That in your job you try to be perfectionist until obsession, it's ok. Everyone has got used to that, and you already live it as something normal.

Although each time it is attacking more your nerves, it's something that you can't remedy. It goes with you, with your personality.

But that now you try to focus all that obsession with the tasks in your free time is beyond the rational. It's a day for you to relax, and if you are going to work, take it more calmly. Today, playful activities with your children will be very rewarding, if you have any, or your partner. Or a good plan with friends.


Attention to Virgo girls: a good therapy to relax the nerves of the week is to dedicate this Saturday to get pretty. On the internet there are tens of thousands of pages and tutorials dedicated to female beauty tricks. Not only will it help you to de-stress, but also to feel better.

Avoid going through the operating room. Although it is very fashionable lately, in your case it will be a useless waste of money that won't help you to feel prettier. On the other hand, those little tricks can help you a lot.

For boys it's also time to take care of themselves a bit, so use this weekend's free time to clean up and get more handsome than ever.