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Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 15th May

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Maybe your repressed passions are affecting the day to day of your relationship. And you can't always blame it on stress at work. So, start working on some parts of your personality as soon as possible.

Today is ideal for you to practice your seduction skills. As long as you feel confident about yourself and comfortable, prepare a romantic situation with your partner in which you can put into practice those skills you have and you don't know you have.

These moments are ideal for you to open up to that person and at the same time that you reinforce your self-esteem, you establish a more intimate, personal and sincere relationship that reinforces your mutual knowledge.

For a personality like yours, it can be a very, very useful exercise.


They seem to be good days in terms of your economy. After a while containing your expenses, the savings will pay off. Continue with that philosophy.

You will receive extra money: some good that you were selling, some extra that you expected to collect or a loan that someone owed you. Your finances grow and that should make you feel better, for your effort in the day to day at work and your responsibility when it comes to balancing your accounts and managing your successes and your position.

Your luck in terms of investments is also beginning to change. But don't deviate from the fine line of balance in which you are moving. It's still early to risk.


Start to remedy those small ailments that you have been leaving for tomorrow. If you have suffered some shock in regards to your circulatory system (some rise in tension, some cardiac problem, some black-out) it's time to get down to work with it.

If you control yourself periodically it doesn't have to lead you to anything serious. But you need to be more methodical in that aspect. You aren't above good and evil, so avoid greater evils.

If at times you feel that you can't deal with these problems, don't hesitate in going to the doctor to check what is wrong.