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Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th June

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You can't stop being so demanding, not even when you're out with your family. Even in the most idle, playful situations, when everyone around you relaxes and seeks peace and tranquility, you continue criticizing what they do wrong and what they do well.

And that obsession of yours for cleanliness, because everything is perfect twenty-four hours a day. In the end, what ends up provoking your attitude, is that those around you end up having a thing about you and want to avoid all contact with you.

And as you're so smart, of course, you end up realizing it. Normal. Well, remedy it! Before releasing any of your criticisms count to ten, look at what you do wrong and relax. Relativize. It isn't so serious compared to what it means to enjoy a family Sunday.


A very good news for this Sunday, Virgo: If you are working on a project concerning investments you should know that the market has started to move in the direction in which you are going. That is, it fully matches your expectations.

You know that nowadays the volatility of the market means that investors always have to sleep with an open eye, but in your case a period of strong growth is foreseen in the medium and short term.

The most advisable thing is that you keep betting on products with a stable financial base in the market, such as stocks or indices, but now that the market is in your favor you can try raw materials or the currency market, which can give a high short-term profitability. But remember, you should always be well advised.


If these last days you have been taking antibiotics, it may be that today during some times of the day you feel very weak and even that your head is gone at times. It's part of the normal process of these drugs, of their contraindications.

You only have to eat a lot and well to strengthen your body again as quickly as possible. Of course, it goes without saying, don't forget the dangers of consuming alcohol, even during meals, if you continue to be medicated with an antibiotic.

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