Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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What for many is a sign of lack of chemistry between two people, for you is a matter of respect and modesty. Not giving your hand to your partner or not showing affection for them when you're in certain places is something that for you is synonymous of giving a proper image, but the truth is that your attitude is sometimes a bit strange.

It's as if you were part of another time in history, one in which there wasn't even a swimsuit. It's obvious that it's not a matter of sharing your intimacy as a couple with everyone, but a loving gesture or a kiss from time to time won't hurt.



Today you will have to face professional challenges that you had never considered before, a trend that will continue to happen during the rest of the week.

You want to expand your expectations a little and discovering that there are tasks that you don't know how to perform as you would like to, will encourage you to take on new responsibilities.

This can occur during a first day of work in a professional sector that you don't know or that, due to circumstances, you have to take control of matters that until now didn't concern you.

You always act according to your knowledge and this causes that, when something escapes your understanding, you feel a little insecure. Today you will have the opportunity to test your skills.


You have feelings a little dull and that only shows that in some aspects of your life there isn't enough enthusiasm and joy. When you're close to certain people, you pretend to act as if nothing bothers you.

If you show yourself so coldly, you shouldn't be surprised that those who know you best behave in a different way than usual: they know something is happening.

It's not good to return to that attitude so typical of you that leads you to shut yourself off and not share your fears with anyone, Virgo. Try to let everything flow and share your deepest feelings with someone you trust.