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Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 3rd August

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Today will go by without many difficulties for Virgo, with such tranquility that it will even seem a boring, insipid, mediocre day. When your environment is in that placidity, it's up to you to take advantage of it to fill your life with activity and joy.

Take advantage of this truce that life gives you sometimes.

If you are a Virgo with a partner, you will feel that your partner has forgotten about you a bit, that when you tell them things, they are absent and that they never have a gesture of affection towards you. The time has come to claim that attention so that the relationship doesn't deteriorate.

If you are in an extramarital relationship you will feel that your lover is playing with you. You and only you can decide what the limit is and how far you are willing to go.


In days like today, where the environment at work can be cut with a knife, you have to be intelligent and analyze the situation well. Keeping a cool head and acting accordingly is essential to get out of certain situations.

The arguments and the nerves are continuously reproduced among coworkers and, of course, they also affect you. Keep calm and try to dialogue.

When it comes to you, you are right in almost everything but you don't seem right sometimes because of the ways. Keep a low tone in the arguments and support your reasons in the claim, where they can hardly refute you.


The stars warn Virgos that they could have a couple of more or less serious problems today.

The first, and the most important for your health, is hypertension. It's a problem that you have been dragging for a long time because of your nervousness. Relax your mind so that your body can recover.

The second is a pain in one of the extremities, on the right side of your body, which surely indicates a bad position when sleeping and a small contracture. Try stretching and soothe the pain with analgesic.