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Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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Today the stars recommend you avoid crowds and too active a social life. Your mood won't be, at all, prepared to mix with other human beings, neither for your own sake nor, above all, for theirs.

You will get up with that strange feeling that sometimes harbors you and that causes you to end up hating all the rest of humanity. You blame anyone who crosses your path of all your mistakes, and any misplaced word is enough to start an argument.

For that reason, today it's better that you try to look for the tranquility in your inner forum, in your solitude and in the peace of a calm atmosphere and without many people. Try to find the answer to what worries you.


You're at a crucial moment in which you don't know if you can quit your job or you can take it a little longer. It all happens to us when we have to perform a job that doesn't fit our preferences. We get upset, we feel unmotivated and, finally, there is a moment when we feel we can't do it anymore.

The stars foresee a change, but in a few days or weeks, not immediately, so you must have some patience for now. And in any case, if you decide to hold on a bit more in that job, you should get used to the idea that if you continue like this you will end up being sacked.

Put more energy, Virgo, at least until everything is over, and after, all that will bring you more personal satisfaction.


Lately you don't take much care of your legs and, in the case of a Virgo like you who works so many hours standing up, problems appear that you must treat immediately.

That is your case. Check your legs today, especially joints in the back of them. You may see some blue or purple veins, twisted and larger than normal. It's the symptom that you start having varicose veins, but relax, it's a problem as common as harmless.

The most important thing and what you really should devote your attention to is the extreme tiredness that you feel in your legs and joints, because in the long run they can complicate your day to day life.