Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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A Virgo in love can spend hours and hours in the clouds with no intention of coming down, although the reality is that they've always had their feet on the ground.

When you discover that feeling of being in love, it's hard for you to renounce it, but you're always aware of the real situation behind those butterflies in your stomach.

Not even their wingbeat will be able to cloud your sight on a day when you are called to experience new and intense sensations.



Realizing that there are certain jobs in which in practice have nothing to do with what you learned in their studies that have been made for their performance, will make you feel insecure and vulnerable.

For a person eager for knowledge like you and who is used to living among books, seeing reality will seem a difficult challenge to take on. Today you'll know that the time has come to throw away that good practice book of your company and to walk based on your own criteria.

The fate of this new path that you're going to take still seems unknown, yes. What is clear is that the most important change is the one that has to do with yourself: that change of attitude announces a security in yourself and a maturity that you didn't have before.


Putting plants in your house that help to clean the environment of possible viruses and thus prevent diseases will seem the best idea you have had in a week where you are being quite hypochondriac.

They say that calabashes are one of the plants with the greatest capacity to purify the air in our homes and offices and that they also relax our eyes when we feel congested or irritated.

In addition, they can be kept in the room where we sleep without fear of them stealing you some oxygen. Going to a flower shop when you leave work has never been so urgent.