Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 6th April
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What makes you fall in love with a person is something that isn't perceived at a glance. You like to investigate and discover everything possible about someone's interior. If you could, you would become an expert in your partner who knows perfectly what they need or think all the time.

Enjoying a conversation that makes you think and feel that you have someone ready to show you a new world full of knowledge and wisdom is what most seduces you.

That mystery and those cravings for knowledge are what you will seek to have nearby on a day in which the transcendental will surpass the temporary.


When there is no work, you get desperate. Having nothing to do is a kind of punishment for you. Although you appreciate your moments of relaxation, you are always thinking about what tasks you can do.

A person as active as you will go through a complicated moment today when you realize that you have all your work done. Wander through the sites of your co-workers in search of pending tasks or, if you are unemployed, desperately looking for something to do will be the predominant attitude during this Friday.

With the weekend around the corner, wanting to do too many things doesn't seem very advisable.


You are strong for many things but, like any human being, you also have your weaknesses. When it comes to facing the most absolute intimacy with another person you can feel vulnerable if you don't have the confidence you need.

This means that you have to pay a little more attention to yourself and not so much to the other person. Feeling more comfortable and safe means having confidence in oneself and learning to love oneself.

Grow your self-esteem and don't block yourself thinking about what you are so worried about. After all, it's only a small detail within a whole.