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Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Today offers several opportunities to resume the conversation with your partner about the issues that concern you. Don't miss these moments and confront your problems with responsibility. A couple is a common enterprise in which both of you must be involved.

The longer the disputes go on, the more they will become entangled and the more difficult it will be to solve them. Try to take the initiative and put on the table what you think is relevant to solve problems.

Apart from love, today's day will be especially good in terms of your feelings. You will feel happy and fulfilled, and the problems will seem minor thanks to your overflowing optimism.


Virgos who have a split shift at work or alternate several shifts (morning, afternoon, night) have to reinforce the resting issue. Today will be a complicated day at work that will demand all your energy, and at various times you will feel unable to continue because your strength fails.

For the rest, the good news is that your economy is advancing at a good pace and there are no imminent regressive periods. On the contrary, in the coming weeks new opportunities could be opened to increase your capital.

Be patient, rest well and work hard. That is the Magic Horoscope's advice for Virgos at work.


You have been solving your problems in bed with your partner, and now you will notice how little by little you feel more liberated, Virgo. It's time to start a quiet path to exploring new sexual experiences with your partner.

Little by little, Virgo. The important thing is that you both feel safe and you feel that everything you do, however new and radical it may seem, you do it because you want to. You have to feel comfortable and respected.

New experiences are always better to agree them first, so that neither of you feel out of place. But surely starting this path will help you to relate better.