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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Monday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 25th June
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Hugs, kisses, caresses, gestures, looks... Today is the day for physical contact, for you to show your love and for them to show it to you in a tangible way. The energies are inside, but sometimes we don't let them out because we don't dare, or because we live engaged in other issues.

Come on, Virgo. Today is a radiant day, full of good vibrations. Do you really think it's not worth leaving some headaches aside to give space to our emotions? If you dedicate your day to show your loved ones how you love them, your sensations will maximize you.

The day will also bring you many samples of affection and recognition from others. Absorb all that positive energy and transform it into more love. Being happy and walking through life with optimism is easier than you think, Virgo.


Day of pats on the back, smiles, knowing looks at work. The good vibes don't end at home, or on the street, but it reaches your office. Or everyone in your office is Virgo, or you transmit them that good feeling.

Now more than ever you should take advantage to make more friends at work. In the end, it's the place where you spend a good part of the day, in the breaks or in the lunch you explain the problems of the day to day, and you end up taking affection.

Keep this good general mood. You will also notice that this has positive effects on your results at work and therefore you will feel more satisfied.


Red is charged with energy, heat and dynamism, it draws attention in others and generates joy in sight. The color of passion, of radicalism, is the most appropriate to face today with the maximum optimism, so dress in red and go all out.

If you're a Virgo woman, in addition, the red lipstick on the lips will fill you with vitality. Colors affect us psychologically, they have a very great power over our mind. Today you can accompany this positive day of this vital color.

Before leaving home take an amulet or a well-loved object to accompany you throughout the day. Feeling accompanied by that energy and that strength will make you walk safe and protected.

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