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Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Monday 30th July

Magic Horoscope for Today, Monday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Today's challenge for Virgos is to understand themselves, to understand how they feel and to let those feelings flow without fear. There are no good or bad moods, Virgo, but our ability to take advantage of them.

We live in a society where feelings that are considered negative are blocked, such as sadness, melancholy or longing. However, who says that nostalgia and melancholic moods are bad?

Today you have to know how to handle that melancholy so that you end up contributing something nice and useful. Experiencing these feelings without fear and living with them helps you to know yourself better and to value the complexity of your soul.


The week begins with a lot of work and yet a general apathy that takes away the desire for everything. If you look around you in your work you will see that you aren't the only one, the heaviness of the summer months is perceived in the work environment.

But you must draw strength and focus more on what you do. Remember that the holidays are close and you only have one more little push. If you increase the intensity, you will go on vacation much more satisfied and with the tranquility of a job well done.

For the rest you don't have to worry, Virgo, you are still a model worker and an upside value in your company.



It's very important to constantly hydrate, especially if there's a heat wave. Today is going to be more recommendable than ever, because the stars warn in your body the loss of mineral salts that can cause you some displeasure. You also need to strengthen the health of your kidneys, so you know, drink water!

As for your eating habits, the stars recommend that you leave the spiciness for a few days. Lately you are abusing of spicy condiments that are causing alterations in your digestion, and today you will notice it particularly.

Also moderate the salt contributions you make to your meals and during the day it can lead you to hypertension.