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Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Thursday 31st May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Thursday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



The planets invite you to dream today, because days are very satisfying for you in terms of love and friendship. You've overcome some moments of difficulty in which your soul walked through swampy land, and you have finally found a point to breathe and stabilize.

Now is the time to collect the fruits and start enjoying. The stars are on your side, and they invite you to start a new life with hope. Because, have one thing clear, Virgo: no matter how many projects you have, no matter how promising they are, or how much love you find out there, it will be worth nothing if you don't dress it up with some hope.

It's time to get up and start thinking big, to project big dreams that you have in your head. And above all, it's time to calm that cold and shy side of yourself and make a Virgo grow more instinctive, more energetic, more voracious.


The time has come to redouble the effort at work, Virgo, to give the most of you, and if someone is able to give even more when it seems that they have reached the limit, that is you.

You have been giving everything of you for a long time, but the demands in the work aren't only asking you a little more, but the results don't seem enough for you. It's logical that sometimes you feel that it isn't worth it, that so much effort is only giving you more frustration.

Try to look a little further, Virgo, a little further. For your work you are standing out as one of the most disciplined in your position and, sooner or later, when the situation suits you, you will receive that reward you expect so much. You just need to be persistent and patient.


For a good performance at work, or at university, or at home, wherever you require your maximum effort, today it's necessary that you pay full attention to your diet.

Today the stars encourage you to start a food plan that increases your reserve of proteins, vitamins, iron and other elements that can give you more energy than you have now.

So far you have not taken much care of that, which with your pace of life means to weaken your body and expose it to viruses and bacteria by lowering the defenses. When we are subjected to great pressure or an accelerated pace of work, then we must, undoubtfully, give it all the elements to maintain its strength.