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Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Thursday 24th May

Full Prediction for Today, Thursday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Being sensitive is a very valuable quality in the human being. You should not feel bad for having sensitivity on edge these days, for putting emotion in everything you do. But today all that hurricane of accumulated sensations day by day will make you feel disoriented.

Today is a day to put a little hand brake on that emotional transatlantic of yours. Don't misinterpret the stars, Virgo. You must not annihilate your most sensitive and human side. On the contrary, let everything flow with harmony.

But at some time of the day you should sit down to think about what is happening to you a little. That will help you to stabilize yourself and not to walk in your daily life with that disorientation that leads you to live things with such depth.

Sometimes stopping is the best step to keep going.



The philosophy of saving has always been a useful tool to keep the fiscal balances in order, both in the states and in the individuals. But taking that maxim to the extreme, sometimes, turns us into frustrated beings.

It's not about splurging like crazy, Virgo, but you'll understand that working hard every day without a reward from time to time makes no sense. Saving and saving as if there was going to be a war tomorrow is from your grandmother's time.

Don't be so greedy and give yourself some luxury today, it will make you feel especially rewarded. Take the opportunity to take your partner to dinner and share pleasant moments, without having to think all the time about your wallet.


A bad position while you sleep at night, the contraction of the muscles when they are cold or a bad movement can cause pain for some days in some part of our body.

The stars indicate for today, in people under the sign of Virgo, intense pains in the neck area. It's a part of your body especially delicate because throughout the day it accumulates all the fatigue, and is also in continuous movement.

If you detect that you can have a contracture, and one of great magnitude, it's better that you stay in bed. Even if you believe that you can live a normal life, you will soon see that it makes you unable to function normally.

Help yourself with analgesics and a collar, but don't force yourself too much.