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Negative feelings have been besieging you for some days now. And today you will be stalked by an old feeling that appears from time to time in a person as sensitive as you: hatred towards yourself.

You have to start working psychologically these self-esteem problems that end up making you hate your own person. Today is one of those days when you don't trust yourself, everything you do seems wrong to you and you blame yourself for all the evils of the world.

First, try to value what is good in your life and what you do best. And secondly, look for the support of a close person (a good friend or your partner) so you can relax and feel better.


Today is one of those days when you hate to be a clueless Virgo. With so many things in your head, with so many worries and with that daily struggle against your obsessions, it's normal that from time to time you forget where you have left something or, like today, you lose an object of value.

Now that you're warned, Virgo, you see very carefully where you leave the phone, the purse or the keys, or some even more precious device, wherever you are: in the library, in the subway, in a cafeteria.

If in the end you end up losing it, don't despair, Virgo, it happens to us all. Wait a few days: maybe a charitable soul will take it to the police. And if you don't find it, remember: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


Dear Virgo, have you noticed that lately your arms hurt more than usual? Don't worry, it's nothing serious, but you should remember that the upper extremities are one of the parts of the body that we use the most throughout the day, in everything we do.

What you could do today, and that will help you alleviate pain and strengthen your arms, are stretches. Stretching exercises are very simple, in the case of not knowing how to do it or not having a lot of inspiration, you can find it on the internet very easily.

In addition, you can do it anywhere, even at work, for a while each day. You will see how in the long run those annoyances end up disappearing.