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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Wednesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 16th May
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



On these dates your planetary cycle announces the arrival of someone very valuable that isn't at all related to your sentimental life.

So, you must be as receptive as possible, Virgo. An old friend who you shared very intense experiences with is about to return to your life and in a very positive way.

Open your arms, trust them, it will be great for you to air that stale social life you've been having lately. You get angry for everything, you recriminate anything and end up arguing with half the world. The time has come to put an end to that. Take advantage of the time lost with that person, catch up and enjoy that reunion.

Going back to the past is always a good therapy to move forward.


Your daily forecast has been warning you for a long time not to trust good words and promises of easy money.

Now you must be more attentive than ever, Virgo. A big bank is going to offer you something very succulent. You think you're above others, you think you're the smartest of all, but when it comes to the temptation of money, we aren't exempt from falling into their networks.

Analyze well the financial products that they are selling to you, read one by one the clauses of each contract, and finally evaluate the pros and cons of launching yourself into an investment with so much risk.

Before the doubt, Virgo, reject any offer. There will be better times when you can go for something solid.


Today you should pay more attention than usual to the millions of dangers lurking out there, on the street. It's not about you becoming a paranoid, but just a bit more careful. Otherwise, you will get a good scare.

For example, are you aware of the number of microbes and harmful organisms that inhabit bus and underground bars where you put your hands? Or the amount of polluted air your lungs breathe every day? Or the risk that you are running in a big city every time you cross an avenue?

They are small things that you can improve only by living a little less quickly and with more care. After all, it's your health.