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Virgo Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Today you have a day full of good news and details that can make you very happy, but at the same time it can be a complex day, with some excesses that can complicate your life. Therefore, today you must have more control than ever of your emotions, leaving home in the morning with some very clear ideas.

For example, you must master your impulses or they will end up playing tricks on you. In the things of love, focus on your head and not on your heart. In things of friendship, always the dialogue before the thick words that then persecute you.

Calibrating well each of your actions, today, will be essential to not end the day with more problems than you had to start it. Putting your Virgo calculating mind at the service of the rational calculation of the advantages and disadvantages of each action will end up saving you many problems.


Some surcharged expenses will put your heart in a fist. You shouldn't be alarmed too much, much less start making a drama in your head.

Some outstanding debts or some bills that you forgot, maybe the delay in some payments, or a carelessness in one of your businesses can cause you to have to pay an extra.

The week will go from less to more, so be prepared mentally for the odd start of the week and from there relax and be optimistic.


You have been looking for those beauty tricks that make you feel comfortable with yourself and the rest of the world. Something that makes you feel beautiful to give you some security.

If you don't find what you are looking for, analyze your personality well and from there you can get some ideas of what best suits you.

For example, remember that you are a balanced, measured woman who reinforces her beauty based on distinction, not exuberance. So, look for the most austere and distinguished makeup lines, and the style of clothing that best fits a moderate but sophisticated character.

The same with Virgo men: if you are looking for elegance in the radical, you will end up feeling like a show monkey and you will feel more insecure than ever. Take care of your skin with creams.