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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Redacció


Love: An advance in your social relationships

The month of July comes loaded with energy and vitality for the Virgos, which is a challenge to improve those aspects of your character in order to take advantage of that energy.

The strength of your state of mind will be reflected, above all, in two aspects: your love conquests and your social relationships.

For the Virgos with a partner, it will be an uneasy month in which your married life will maintain a very stable line and without ups and downs. Just take precaution with your fits of anger and the issue of jealousy, that day 21 can turn against you.

The good news comes on the 11th: You will take an important step with your partner, such as going to live together, expand the family or formalize your relationship with marriage.

As for feelings, try to control your bad temper, master your arrogance and be more optimistic.

The change of House of your regent on the 13th opens you up to new social relationships. It will be the beginning of a very interesting process in which you have to open your soul more to others.


Money: Working stress and financial stability

With the status of our accounts we are never satisfied, and during several days this July you will worry more than usual about your finances.

Doubts between saving or investing. For now, the stability is more than satisfactory but you must wait a bit for the expansion. Until the 29th there isn't an expansive change in your economy.

At work things are more than good. But from day 9 a period of stress and fatigue opens that will affect your performance. The key is to get that perfectionist and inexhaustible Virgo, with more than enough strength to solve your tasks effectively.

For the unemployed Virgo, a lot of attention to day 17: New and hopeful opportunities will emerge. Go for it!

Health: Switch your mind off

The slogan for Virgo this July is relaxation and disconnection. The increasing rate of your obligations will lead you to a state of nerves that harms the rest of the body. Relaxation exercises, sports, necessary rest and mental disconnection are your challenges for these weeks.

From day 14 you will begin to feel the need to feel more beautiful.

First, you have to remember that the concept of beauty starts from your self-esteem, so in parallel to the beauty tricks, do a job to love yourself more.

Beyond that, don't repress yourself when it comes to makeup, look for elegant dresses or get new beauty tricks. It will be a more than interesting therapy to relax your nerves and disconnect your mind.

From day 20 doubts arise about sexuality with your partner. You have to be more communicative with your partner and reach an understanding so that both of you enjoy sex with the same passion. From here you can explore new experiences.

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