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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for June

Your Horoscope for June 2018
Magic Horoscope June | Redacció


Love: A month to grow

The month of June will be for the Virgos a roller coaster of emotions. If you expected stability and tranquility, forget it. The month is full of a marasmus of mixed feelings that will force you, more than ever, to make an emotional effort... In fact, you have to face the month of June in a more than positive attitude: It will be a month to grow inwardly.

On days 4 and 5, for example, you must isolate yourself, avoid social relationships to work internally on the problems that beset you. In those dates you will have problems of self-esteem and self-hatred, but days 8 and 9, instead, offer a space to open the soul and let good things come into your life. If in the second fortnight you intensify this therapy with yourself, the month will end with the best sensations, especially since the 27th.

It will be a month certainly turbulent in terms of the relationship with others. At the beginning of the month a person who you had a stormy relationship with will come back, your obsession with cleanliness or lack of passion will make day-to-day difficult in your relationship, and in the fortnight a disagreement with a friend and your stress problems and anxiety will put you to the limit.

The second half of June will be much better thanks to your effort to analyze what is failing and how you can improve. It will be in that sense very important for you to rely on your friends, perform some therapeutic exercises organizing plans with your old friends. Or, as the horoscope of the day 26 recommends, perform constant work with a psychologist or therapist to continue improving.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting period opens for you to find yourself and begin to feel that you are taking charge of your life.

Money: June brings you luck at work

Month of growth in your workplace too. June will start strong with good luck in your investments and positive changes at work. The key will be that you show yourself active and don't settle: It's time to start looking for that job that fulfils you more, or simply change your mind to feel better at work.

On the 7th you must make an effort to improve your discipline at work, and on the 8th you have an ideal opportunity to learn from your colleagues at work. That is, they are dates to continue growing within your work aspect. The culmination comes on the 12th, the date on which you will receive the visit of someone very inspiring at work, from who you can learn a lot.

On the 11th, a change of work to positive is forseen, but you must be patient and give yourself a time of adaptation and learning. On the other hand, in those dates you will have good luck in the investments and you will receive a very good offer.

From the 19th the trend starts to change a bit, to bad. The end of the month will be somewhat complicated, so the horoscope recommends you to avoid bulky purchases and unnecessary consumption. They will be days of saving and tightening the belt. From the 26th the situation begins to improve so that you greet the month of July with full optimism.

Health: The long battle against fatigue

All the health problems that bother you this June have to do with the accumulated fatigue. You have been dragging some bad habits for some time now that affect the health of your body and this is reflected in daily problems that are very annoying.

For example, from day 3 an anxiety crisis, accompanied by dizziness, will give way to pain in the extremities, both arms and legs. The joints will suffer especially. So, from day 6 you will have no choice but to start to rest more, to relax the mind, to relativize your problems and calm down the mistress.

This work of appeasement will pay off and as your mind calms down and settles, your body will feel much better.

Although there may be some recovery on day 13 or 15, where again you will feel with lack of sleep, muscle pain, and ultimately extreme fatigue, from day 11 you should start thinking about strengthening your body. These are very opportune days to start with the gym: It's not about forcing a lot, but simply burning toxin, feeling good psychically. And also, alternative therapies, such as acupuncture.

In the third week some problems begin with the lowering of your defenses, which means you have to take vitamins and supplements. You will have a cold, but thanks to the gym, vitamins and alternative therapies you get to the end of the month in good shape.