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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Tuesday

Find out Your Virgo Horoscope for Today, 17th July
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It's a day of emotional ups and downs, related to the entry and exit of new and old people in your life that will leave you on a roller coaster of positive and negative feelings. The advice of the stars is that you keep controlling your emotions from the most rational side of your character.

On the one hand, people who were present in your life in the past and who marked you in a very special way are threatening to destabilize you. Their presence will certainly be disturbing, but you must learn that at this point ignorance is the greatest contempt you can give them.

As a counterpart, new people come to your life who promise to give you good times, at a loving level or at a friendship one. The problem is that they will find that barrier that you have built because of distrust and fear. Let them in, Virgo, because their positive energy will help you balance your feelings.


The change in the position of the planets benefits you this week in terms of employment if you are an unemployed Virgo. This is good news, however, requires your maximum predisposition.

If you have been actively looking for a job, you will receive good news regarding your employment situation. At last your efforts have a reward, and little by little you will be able to collect the fruits after a time of suffering.

If you haven't been very active in that search, the stars recommend that you reinforce your mood and trust more in yourself. If you're looking for hard work and confidence, you have many numbers to change the trend this week. Can you imagine yourself with a stable job and means to get ahead? It's worth it Virgo!


When you reach a certain age, Virgo, the key to not falling into frustration when it comes to sexuality, is to remember this advice: The important thing is quality, not quantity. The body evolves and you can't pretend to keep the rhythm of a twenty-year-old kid.

As a man you will experience a drop in testosterone and decreased sex desire, which will decrease the frequency. This is a natural fact that you have to unlink to the concept of virility.

As a woman, it's normal for you to feel the effects of lowering of estrogen, decreased libido and greater difficulty in getting to the orgasm.

The important thing is that when you have a sexual relationship you feel full.