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Read Your Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 27th July

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If you didn't have a vacation planned, it's time to think about a trip, even if it's just for a few days, with your partner or with your friends. Leaving your everyday environment begins to be an urgent need, so pack your bags and look for an attractive destination where you can switch off.

Take the opportunity to meet yourself and join more with the people you love. But above all, this trip becomes another resource for the particular trip you are undertaking towards your personal improvement.

During this day you will be a little abstracted, as distracted and scattered, without attending to your chores or to what others tell you. Try to keep your feet on the Earth and don't show yourself excessively elusive.


If you are making plans for the new course and you are hesitating between working or studying, it's time to make a decision and, as you always do, you should take it reflectively and using your intelligence.

Try to find an intermediate situation in which you can study and at the same time, with a part-time or weekend job, it gives you time to attend your studies.

But if you have to choose, remember something: Although working is very important to be able to support yourself, you have a privileged intellectual capacity and enormous potential in the field that you are most passionate about. Don't waste it and prioritize your training.


Beyond the small ailments that you're dragging these days, your good health will materialize in today with an enormous vitality and desire to do things.

It may be that in some moments your mind becomes numb, that you feel a blockage and you are dominated by a feeling of apathy and little desire to do things, but you can overcome it with a little optimism. In the end your positive part will end up defeating the negativity.

To keep your mind one hundred percent don't forget the power of royal jelly. Add it to your daily diet or take it in the form of tablets and preparations that you can find at any chemist's.