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Who has a friend has a treasure, they say, and these days that treasure has given a lot of results. Your good friend has taken you out of more than one problem and has always done so with total disinterest. But you have totally forgotten that you have a treasure...

You know, Virgo? Sometimes it can happen; it happens to everyone. We live in the maelstrom of the daily life and it's difficult to attend to all the issues that surround us. The saddest thing is that we always forget those things that are most essential.

Luckily you have the stars to remind you what is really important in your life. Take a break and take advantage of the day to meet that person and make a very emotional surprise. Caring for your friendship is going to be the best present today.


If you have workers in charge, either as the owner of the company or as a manager, remember that you are dealing with human beings who have their lives. Today you should be especially careful with that, so that everything works correctly and without conflict.

A mutiny is being planned behind your back, and that can lead to a delicate moment that will ruin the good running of the company.

The stars recommend a little more psychology. Behaving like a tyrant is only going to work for some time, but then you will suffer the consequences. So assume your leadership role to manage your group as intelligently as possible.

A tip: gather your team and ask them how they are, how they feel, what can be improved, and let them know that the success of the company has repercussions on each one of them.


Creams, face creams, makeup, clothes... Nowadays beauty has become a very exploited business, and wherever we go we see ads that remind us of the importance of feeling good, and stores to buy those beauty products.

The stars warn of a downturn in your self-esteem that may be due to many factors, Virgo. Compulsive purchases of aesthetic products can encourage you for a short period of time. But it's very fleeting: then the ghosts come back in your head.

It isn't bad that you go to the store and buy a product for the nails, an anti-wrinkle cream or false eyelashes, but the essential is inside your head.

Learn to value yourself more without all those superficial things. More psychology, Virgo, and less creams!