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Read Your Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 7th July

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Message for Virgos in the process of conquest: You have a lot of potential and, best of all, the energy between you is flowing, although it does it in a desperately slow rhythm.

You have to be patient, Virgo. The problem you're in now is that you are rushing, your nerves are being eaten and you can't get over them. If you continue like this, you will end up taking a false step and everything will go wrong.

If you are a Virgo with a stable partner, be careful with the arguments, because today the nerves are on edge. Try to be fair and to contain yourself when the arguments go up in tone, because in those moments you can both say things that you don't think but that are engraved in your memory with fire. And then it's difficult to rectify.


You're in the always overwhelming phase of not knowing whether to lengthen the containment phase a bit longer in order to stabilize your finances, or to start opening up your expansive economy and launching yourself into some kind of investment. Now is the time to wait, Virgo, although the heart is telling you the opposite.

The advantage of all this is that you are accumulating strength, enthusiasm and good energy, and when the time comes, that business, investment or whatever will find a Virgo with desire and talent to spare to take it to success.

No one trusts you more than your ruler, Mercury, the planet of intelligence, and when that time comes he will radiate all his energy so that you put that intelligence at the service of efficiency.


Enjoying leisure is as important as the time you dedicate to your work. Your body needs to feel alive, so activity is very important and you should always keep it in mind. But all excess is bad, and if you don't know how to compensate it with a good rest, health problems appear.

The weekend has to start being something sacred dedicated to rest. And it doesn't mean lying in bed or on the sofa without doing anything, no.

Rest is to disconnect the mind from work and carry out activities with the people you love most. That recharges your body with positive energy and good vibrations that are very important for your health