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The internal contradictions with your partner seem so strong that you think they are insurmountable. How wrong you are, Virgo. The problem is in your squared head, and doesn't know to see more than ruins where there is a potential to be built.

Learn to love your partner's defects, to understand them and respect them. Wanting to mold a person at your whim is not knowing how to see in them the true virtues. Castrating your personality will only result in a fraudulent and unoriginal product.

Attention to the Virgo today: someone is talking about you behind your back. Find out who the gossiper is and put a stop to it now!



The growth of the budget for your project increases the pace of its implementation, so it is getting closer. It would be very interesting if you were looking for a manager to put the economic issue in order.

On the other hand, review your obligations with the Treasury, in a few weeks you could receive a very unpleasant letter. Close all the debts you have to pay and minimize the risks of a fine.

Today Virgos have to be aware that they aren't charged twice the same thing, or that there is no error in the charges. They may have unnecessary losses, and it's better to be very attentive.


A strong pain presses your chest, you may feel at some times of the day the unpleasant sensation that you are suffocating and can't breathe.

You are having a small anxiety crisis, which you can calmly solve by sitting down and taking a little breath while you relax your mind.

If that chest pain is very acute and the breathing problems don't go away, things may be getting worse, and you should go to the doctor. Recover the importance of taking care of your cardiovascular health.