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Your ideal of love is quite complicated, Virgo. You're looking for a person that complements you perfectly and at the same time you try to become someone unique and different from others.

You focus on finding an equal and that is a more difficult task than you think. A person who in sentimental matters shares 100% of your thoughts isn't an easy thing, Virgo, and less nowadays.

Your concept of perfect relationship is to have a huge degree of confidence and understanding and you don't realize that these levels are reached over time. You can't pretend to have a relationship like that of couples who have been together for decades with someone you just met.


You wouldn't know how to work in an environment that you don't like, Virgo, but sometimes you have to try to overcome a bad experience in the best way. Today you will feel a bit uncomfortable in your work environment and concentrating will be very difficult for you.

On the other hand, those who are unemployed will have received a job offer that they won't know whether to accept or not. When the need tightens, there's no other choice but to accept anything.

That you work in a profession outside your sector doesn't mean that you never become part of it again. You have had more than enough patience to get an opportunity, but now you have to give in a little.


You don't want anyone to know your weaknesses in terms of health and this is because you are realizing that you have an attitude that isn't entirely correct.

When you're not sure you're doing something the right way you hide it, you don't want others to realize that in your life not everything is perfectly justified and calculated.

In these days in which you have suffered some illness generated by your own concern you have realized that the attitude you adopt isn't the best one.

If you talked a little more about those concerns that you think are shameful, you would discover that there are people who go through the same situation as you. But that would stop making you different from the rest.