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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for Tuesday May 29th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



From hate to love there is only one step, Virgo. Today you will live an experience very Kafkaesque to find yourself suddenly, and without knowing how or why, before a new feeling towards a person who you don't get on well.

Sometimes it happens that everyday situations collide with other people who have a very different character to us, but when we find ourselves in special situations we begin to discover things about that person that we like.

The first sensation will be rejection. "This can't be happening", you will say, but little by little you will see it as something natural.

Don't get defensive and let yourself experience new feelings. If in the end everything ends in nothing, at least you have changed a negative feeling into something positive.



Today the situation gets complicated at work. The auguries for today aren't very encouraging, and there is a problem of a greater order that can end up as an upset.

Everything is related to something you did on your own thinking that it would work out well, even knowing that when a decision is risky you have to bring it to the attention of your superiors.

First of all, the mistake should give you the measure of how much, Virgo, you become so superb that you think everything will turn out well and that you don't need the advice of others.

Second, don't despair. Show yourself repentant, recognize your mistake and do everything on your part to fix it or compensate it with more and more efficient work.


Fruit, Virgo, how rich it is, and how little attention you give it. Its qualities make it one of the healthiest foods, although you usually miss it.

The prediction of the Zodiac warns that people under the sign of Vigo will suffer today some problems of restraint. The fruit will be your best ally.

You will see that if you eat enough fruit you will soon be able to go to the bathroom and your intestinal transit will be regular. But in addition, you will feel more vital (for the vitamins that the fruit carries) and you will be hydrated. The fruit is also a highly anticancer food.

Don't forget to take at least a couple of pieces of fruit for each meal.