Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Again you have to leave your pride aside and say sorry. Humbleness, although it seems a sign of weakness, makes you a more tender, more attractive. And it helps you improve your relationship with others.

The latter is exactly what you need today like a breath of fresh air to put a patch on that leaky relationship that loses water everywhere.

Your relationship crisis is going downhill and only you can avoid the final fall. You have made many mistakes, true, but nothing that can't be solved with work, patience and humbleness. Saying sorry is the first step.


A call, an email or a message regarding your work will emotionally destabilize you to the point of ruining the plans you had for today. Unless you stop a moment, reflect well, and end up coming to the more than rational conclusion that you don't have to take so much responsibility.

You have been feeling guilty for things that don't depend only on you. And often, your perfectionism and your sense of responsibility will exceed to condition your private life.

Try to be the best in your work, to give the most of yourself. And from there, relax and remember that you are human.


The disappointments that you are enduring lately with stoic fortitude are striking your interior too aggressively, and that goes straight to your heart. The muscle that keeps you alive is very sensitive to all those arguments, betrayals, nerves and disappointments that haunt you these days.

And you wonder what you can do against all this...

Change the routines, change the people who you relate with, change your way of working and change your perspective of life. Meditate, breathe better, relax your body and relativize problems. You need an urgent change in your way of living life.