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Virgo Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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It will be a hard day today, in which you will have to face a situation that will limit the strength of your love and your relationship in general.

In your circle of love the stars warn of a betrayal, which you will discover in a random way. Although at the beginning you make a mountain of the problem and, fruit of the same shock, you make an apocalyptic movie in your head, throughout the days you will see that the situation isn't so serious.

In those cases, it's where you have to take your most humble and generous side, Virgo, and although that sometimes becomes a titanic challenge, today can be exactly the key that manages to save your relationship.

You have all the right in the world to ask for explanations, and it will be very therapeutic to talk about everything and leave everything very clear. But once that's done, put the word "understanding" at the top of your priorities.


In today's long workday you will have to answer for the mistakes of others, and that has its positive part though: you are assuming responsibility and gallons in the company.

In addition, others will see in you someone responsible, with courage and humble, someone to trust, and that will improve your image in front of others, which is always rewarding.

But beware, you should mark as soon as possible the boundaries between collective responsibility and individual responsibility.

Make it clear to your bosses and to the other co-workers that collective errors belong to everyone and the person in charge of the group should assume them, but that in the end everyone should be responsible for their own mistakes.

If you don't do it like that, there will come a point where your teammates will end up losing respect and they will see you as that person they can always end up blaming for their mistakes.


The stars indicate for people of your sign, today, the highest of the head, the scalp.

In the case of men, it's necessary that you don't lower your guard as far as alopecia is concerned. Remember that baldness is, to a large extent, genetic, and if you have inherited the genes of your bald relatives you can't do much about it. But today there are treatments and care that can delay or alleviate the problem.

If you are a girl, remember that aesthetic treatments in the hair, such as dyeing, end up affecting the quality of your hair. Limit aggressive treatments to the maximum and take care of the roots of your hair with some products. Because you're worth it!