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Virgo Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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Today, a person who for some years was linked to you in a rather stormy way will come back to your mind. When you cross again in your life you will feel that your whole world falters.

Although sometimes it's stronger than you, try to ignore that feeling and avoid any contact with that person. To start a conversation again or even to see them again physically will only throw away those months in which you have been trying to forget them...

Focus on appreciating the things you have and that have been hard work to gain, and focus on the things that really make you happy.


If these days you're going to make a trip and you're a Virgo, the stars make it very clear that it will get quite expensive, a lot more than expected. There is a problem with the cancellation of flights or with the luggage that can give you a serious upset.

When planning the trip, consider those possible additional expenses and save something extra for what might happen.

When you arrive at your destination enjoy the trip but with restraint, don't waste your time and remember that the most important thing is to take advantage of the experience.


Everything is going well, although these last few days you may have felt some discomfort in the extremities. This is normal due to the work load that you have lately, and the obligations of the day to day life.

Your arms and legs may continue to hurt as they've done lately, but the rest of the body works great and, in fact, your care makes you feel better every time.

Now we just need to accompany that with a dose of positivity and energy. Playing sports will help you burn off bad energies, and being cheerful will be good activation therapy.