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The Monday January 22nd Virgo Stars Prediction

Virgo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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After a very profitable weekend spent with your partner, your Monday starts off with the batteries recharged and promises to accomplish. You've found out that you fell in love with that person and you wish you could have a delightful gift for them, but you don't know what to buy.

Don't stress yourself and enjoy the moments of passions you'll have. For Virgos who have just met someone, there's no need to hurry to introduce their partner to their family. It's been fine for them to wait and they'll have to keep on waiting, as today doesn't look like a good day to introduce new people.


Luckily, you haven't recently faced economic predicaments, but now you don't know if you'll be able to afford the big outlay which is to come by the end of the month. Economic survival means optimizing the resources you have, which will be fair enough to go through hard times without any problem.

Going back to work will be bittersweet for you. First, you are very comfortable in your job position and now you have new expectations ahead (although you've been punished this month by your bosses). Second, there are negative vibes in your company which prevent you from acting in a normal way. Be always sincere, so don't be afraid of speaking up face to face.


Finally, you realize that you feel much better when you leave your bad habits aside. It's not easy stop doing certain things in our lives such as giving up smoking, but it's easier to quit these habits endless. Now that you're about to reach health stability, don't throw it away with the cigarette you always smoke after lunch.

Also, something wrong seems to happen at work, and it is related to your health. Many colleagues no longer show up and you don't know the reason, though you'll find it out soon.