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The Tuesday January 23rd Virgo Stars Prediction

Virgo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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When we begin a new relationship we are full of excitement. However, you might be scared of things not going well. In your case, you have adopted the belief of not telling anyone that you are dating a new person and won't do so after three months from the beginning.

Although you don't have any basis, this is your way of feeling secure and staying safe from negative energies. Just calm down: there's nothing to be afraid of. Single Virgos are very likely to have a passionate meeting today.


You strategy to gain more incomes is to take advantage of the means you already have and make a good use of your money. One of the ways with which you can take more profit of this situation is cutting daily outlays down and all the dispensable ones.

There's a negative consequence in buying things we don't need, which is that you end up throwing big tones of food away. Just do smaller shopping and get used to buying white-label things.


The fact that a colleague has shown up at work even being sick is something which drives you crazy. Sharing air with someone with a flu or a big cold is a complete drama since they can transmit it to others. You'll be very cautious during the day and you'll wash your hands in a compulsive way.

Being you the one affected by their illnesses is something you hate. Don't be impulsive and don't take drastic measures if you don't want to seem arrogant.