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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for January

Your Horoscope for January 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - VIRGO | Magic Horoscope



The new year comes with new needs that won’t help you relax. You’ll have to focus and revise some aspects that could help you grow. In this process it’s essential to reconstruct your social relationships.

The first days of January will be a little traumatic for Virgo: all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the last few weeks and the hopes you’ve had for a new beginning will be dashed by some situations. On the 4th you’ll suffer a betrayal and on the 7th a painful separation.

A loss will occur at the beginning of January. On the 9th a failure in love will absorb all your energy and you’ll feel down, sad and melancholic during the week from 14th to 20th. The 12th will be especially hard and on the 18th you’ll feel that your marriage is at stake.

However, it’s not all negative for Virgos. In the first fortnight the starts will illuminate you with maturity and a more pragmatic character that will allow you to deal with these difficulties.

On the 8th new people will appear in your life and in this period you’ll be able to gradually reconstruct your social relationships. On the 21st the times will start changing and people you thought were essential will walk off to give space for a renewed circle of friends.

In that way from the 26th love and friendship will become vital concepts in your life again.

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Although this month starts with many difficulties in love for Virgo, the new year also opens new perspectives which will make you feel more optimistic.

Crucial dates according to the prediction of the stars for Virgo this January are: the 5th when employed and unemployed Virgos will get new job offers, which will lead to the change of course; and the 8th when ambitious completion of intellectual tasks will lead to a career growth.

The 12th and 17th will be fundamental for Virgos to think of going back to doing what they love after a long time, to regain hope and make their vocation compatible with work prosperity. The 19th comes with acknowledgement and improvement at work.

The week from the 21st to the 27th comes with new challenges at work, especially in terms of discipline. If you manage to regain your organizational skills and the perfectionism that reinforces your profile, your accomplishments will guarantee you a much clearer and safer professional future.   

It's important to consider bad influences and good advice on the 14th and 23rd, and in the last week be very careful with losses, gambling and risky investments.


Virgo’s organism will go through some important changes this month of January that must be taken into account in order to adapt new methods, procedures and precautions.

If you haven’t managed to try a body treatment based on natural therapies so far, this month is perfect to start thinking about it seriously. In general, muscular discomfort will disappear, but it’ll give way to immunological problems.

This means that you’ve achieved ideal muscle tone and got rid of habits that were condemning you to very annoying bone and muscle pains. Now, finally, you feel stronger and don’t suffer from pain. The 3rd, 12th and 24th will be especially suitable for physical exercise.

However, on the 7th your body will go through some changes because your defenses are deteriorating.  Excessive intake of medicines weakens your immune system. On the 9th there’s a possibility of viral infections, such as flu or a cold.

Be very careful on the 18th and 27th when your body will reach very low resistance levels. During this time you’ll have opportunities to start trying experimental and natural therapies which will help you get back on your feet.

For that matter you have to take advantage of the month of January to evolve towards a spiritual communion of body and soul: the cleansing of the aura, gemmotherapy, acupuncture, the discovery of oriental philosophies, and the practice of reiki or yoga may be great ways to start.

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