Virgo Monthly Horoscope for July

Your Horoscope for July 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - VIRGO | Magic Horoscope



Love: Don’t trust those who want to influence your love life

Pay attention to some people who come into your life with the intention of becoming a negative influence in your relationship. They want to set some rules for you to follow in love.

Fortunately your relationship is going through a moment of great stability and no matter how hard people try, nobody will harm your bond. There’s a lot of complicity in bed between the two of you, especially since you’ve discovered the three best Kamasutra positions for Virgo.

If you’re single, you will enjoy a short and passionate story, but it won’t be more than an adventure. It will happen with someone from your past with whom you had some unfinished business. It’s not exactly love what’s going on between you two, it’s more of a physical attraction, and sex is the protagonist of all your encounters.

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Money: Claim all the money owed to you

This month is perfect to update all your accounts. You can relax when it comes to debt, but you should definitely claim all the money owed to you. Some might pretend to be forgetful in order not to pay, but others are really struggling economically and will suggest other ways of payment.

It’s not only about money, it’s also about laptops and mobile phones you lent with the best of intentions in the past, and now have been forgotten as well.

You will use your credit card very easily to make some basic payments, but you know it’s better to get some money from the bank and stick to that amount. That way your budget won’t suffer and you’ll make it to the end of the month without worries.

Health: You will be more careful with your diet

This month of July begins with the resolution of improving your diet. First of all you will go to the shop and buy fruits and vegetables, and you will empty your cabinets from the types of food that could make you fat, such as muffins, biscuits or buns. That way you won’t be tempted to eat them.

Virgo, you believe you’re still in time to shed those extra pounds. What you can’t do is losing all this weight in just a day or two. This is a longer process and requires some dedication.

You could feel somehow uncomfortable, especially now your social meetings will feel the repercussion. You will have a salad every time you meet your friends while everybody else will enjoy different dishes. You won’t drink alcohol or fizzy drinks either, they have too many calories.