Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - VIRGO | Magic Horoscope



Love: Be patient with your partner

You will need to remain calm and patient this month. Count to ten and think carefully what you are going to say before answering badly. You don’t have to be aggressive when speaking.

Your romantic relationship will go through a strange time, you will need to pay special attention to it. You need to do something more than ignoring the problems if you want to find a solution to them. You must take things seriously if you don’t want a little dispute to become a reason to break up.

There might be people willing to interfere in your relationship. Get them away from your life before it’s too late. Maybe they are jealous of you two, or maybe they  just want to cause harm.

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Money: You will struggle to make ends meet

Persistency and constancy will be you allies to work. When you start working you put all your effort to get the best result, you know that’s the way nobody can say you didn’t work enough.

This month will benefit those who work in sales and trade. You will have more and more clients every day and your income will get better little by little. There will even be the possibility of selling via internet, which is a very interesting option to expand the market to other countries.

If you need to use your savings at the end of the month it’s because you’re doing something wrong. You’re spending too much eating out and travelling. You need to stop all these unnecessary expenses.

You want to buy a car or renew the furniture in your home, but you have to wait some time before you do it.

Health: You begin to take more care of yourself

You started feeling some improvements in your health. After a minor discomfort you’ve realized how important it is to take care of oneself. You just need to be sensible and follow the indications of people with a certain education in the field. Instead of asking for advice to friends you will start listening to professionals. They know the right way.

You know that some illnesses can’t be cured in a couple of days with traditional medicine, and that will make you try alternative therapies, like the use of thyme.

This tension you’ve accumulated on your neck and shoulders will end up reaching your back and head. Maybe all the time you spend in front of the computer is the cause. If you rest and get some massages done you will feel much better.