Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - VIRGO | Magic Horoscope



Love: Jealousy can be really harmful

Honesty will be one of the greatest concerns of your partner. The Stars are confusing you and you can’t tell if the words of your loved one are real or you’re being told a lie, sometimes you will be suspicious of everyone and everything.

Jealousy will be quite harmful in your relationship, you will feel them with intensity and if you’re not able to control yourself you won’t leave any other option to your partner than leaving forever. Let your partner be, don’t control their friends and don’t ask for explanations after every movement they make.

You will think about having an adventure with a third person after all the emotions you’re dealing with in your love life. You’ll think about something secret and clandestine (that won’t be secret at all in the future, take it into account).

Look deep inside your heart, there you will find the answer to everything that’s happening to you. You will see that fear of loneliness is what’s really annoying you (and making you so annoying too, Virgo).

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Money: Keep your accounting up to date

The Magic Horoscope advices Virgo to keep a daily record in order to improve your financial situation. This is the only way for you to have a good perspective on what you earn and what you spend.

Of course, you will have to be meticulous and write down from the refreshment you have after work to the total money you spent on groceries. If you’re about to become bankrupt, this exercise will help you decide where you should start saving money.

Virgo, being careful and confident will let you feel useful at work. There will be moments when you will feel lost and even feel like you’ve made a mistake, but if you tell yourself some cheerful words you will be able to find the solution.

Health: You will find harmony through relaxation

This month you can devote yourself to charitable work. You will feel a better connection with the universe if you help those who need it such as ill people, poor people, or whoever you can help and is in need. Giving an afternoon of your time a week will make your spirit gain a lot of peace.

You will have a great profile to correct some eating habits. Spending time in the kitchen and creating healthy recipes will become really entertaining and you will learn to stop drinking soft drinks and other products full of sugar.

You will be creative and restless, you will meet new people who will bring a lot to your spiritual side and you will share many activities with them that will fill you with harmony and calm.