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The Annual Horoscope for Virgo for 2018

The prediction for VIRGO for 2018.
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Those born under the Virgo sign or between 22 August and 23 September will have a 2018 that's especially favorable for broadening their knowledge and meeting their goals thanks to the relationship between Mercury, their ruling planet, and the rest of the cosmos. At the end of the year, when they look back, they'll realize that their lives will never be the same again.


In love, it will be a difficult year for single Virgos. A reunion with an old flame will seem like the solution to their problems. Looking at the past will make them believe that they can go back to the way that things were, and over the course of months, they'll realize that they were wrong.

On the other extreme, Virgos that are in a relationship will look to gain confidence and mutual understanding with their partners. When you fall in love, everything else takes the back seat, and you'll feel like you're on your honeymoon. Getting out your romantic and detail-oriented side will be enough to bring you close to this person and solidify your relationship.


The atmosphere surrounding the family will be a little tense when it comes to relationships between parents and children. The youngest will declare their independence and parents will find their requests to be difficult to abide by, something that could lead to eternal arguments that will be impossible to avoid.

In the home, a significant change is revealed which could include moving to a bigger home, remodeling or even acquiring a second home, where you will be able to relax and take it easy. This will take place towards the second half of the year.


During the first months of the year, Virgos will work like everyone else, but a day will come when they'll feel that they give more than they receive, and they'll decide to change this situation.

Making the decision to take an exam will lead them to start a new position, finish their studies, or start a course that's perfect for them since, during this 2018, their intellectual capacities will be at their best.

With that being said, those that are studying will improve their skills and abilities with ease in whichever subject they choose to take on.


Until summer Virgos will experience a good period to start new projects or launch new products on the market, that will bring them big benefits. If you are on the payroll, a series of changes at your company could bring the opportunity for you to get a raise.

They should pay attention especially to the path that they choose to reach their goals, and they need to realize what their responsibilities are. If they don't want to take risks, it would be best to start out with a clear idea of the improvements and decisions that they want to make.


On the same note, facing this first quarter, you should make an effort to identify all of the signs that your body sends to you in order to let you know that something isn't right, like back pain, hair loss, or insomnia. In response to this, you should make a doctor's appointment, which is the best thing that you can possibly do.

Ignoring these warning signs won't help you one bit and will cause complications that you could end up seeing over the course of this year.