You will have a positive love life this week of February. You will have all the tools you need to make your wishes come true and you will see a great advance in your relationship.

If you have feelings for someone, dare to let this person know! Valentine’s Day is already here and it’s the perfect day to celebrate your love and have that romantic dinner with that special someone.

If you’re going through a bad moment when it comes to your love life, you could try to make up with your partner. Find some sweet memories, remember moments you’ve lived together and get in touch with that magic you used to feel during the first dates. Just a little gesture will make you two feel that you still love each other, you just need to show it to the other person.

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This week will be full of ups and downs as for your economy. Only some lucky Virgos will be able to enjoy balance and security.

Have you spent more money than you had planned? Then you will have to find new ways to save and make up for all the spending. Don’t waste your time finding excuses, you know what you’ve done and how to fix it.

It’s not too late to fight for your dreams. What do you want? A bigger house? A better job? A dream trip? You will see some signs these days so pay attention and try to see what way you should follow.


You will have great health this week. If you’ve just had surgery you will feel great recovery and you will get better from those joint or backaches.

Your brilliant sense of humour is infectious. No matter how dark are other people’s problems, maybe a relative is going through a bad moment or maybe a superior has given bad news to someone at work, you will make the light shine in the lives of those around you.

You’ve learned the lesson: smile whenever you can because laments and sorrow will just feed negativity. Life is too beautiful and too short to always see the negative side of things.