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Prepare to receive the strange energy of the planets, which will make you doubt your partner for no reason. You attach too much importance to the comments your friends make about this person.

Instead of talking to them about these issues you choose to remain silent, leaving the problem in the air.

You need to change the chip as soon as possible and think about the future of the relationship before it continues to deteriorate. Take a few days of solitary rest, which will help you to think a lot and realize how much you need that person.

When you have them by your side you are not aware of how important they are to your life, but if they are far away you miss them all the time.


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You're willing to control your spending a lot more. You'll start by carefully reviewing all the bills you get home. You'll notice that you're overpaying for certain services you've contracted with the telephone and electricity companies.

Paying attention to the offers you receive will save you a lot of money every week, both in food and fashion products.

At work you are once again presented as the referent. The bosses use you as an example to the rest of their colleagues. Although it is a source of satisfaction for you, you believe that this type of assessment can end up generating envy among the rest of the employees.

Virgo who have a business should remain cautious and leave the investments for later. Right now is not the best time to spend money on reforms or improvements in business.


The company of your friends and family will make you enjoy moments of great happiness. Bringing out a smile in bad times is not within reach of many people and they get it easily.

Taking refuge in solitude is not the most convenient thing at this time. Sign up for an activity or social event that allows you to meet new people who have the same concerns as you.

Have you tried to join a gym? You don't need to convince any friend to join you, you will establish a friendly relationship with several users there. You just have to be open to dialogue.