Virgo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You try to take it easy these days. But even if you try to slow down, things will accelerate. Things will change and something unexpected will happen, and you will need to take your time to understand all the changes around you,Virgo. Some will be beneficial and others, at least, surprising.

Dialogues will benefit new relationships, and also other types of actions that represent progress in a relationship: adopting a child, getting married…

Single Virgo, you will need to make an extra effort in order to be realistic with your situation. You want to be on the same page as that special person, but you don’t realize that maybe you’re completely different.

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You believe everything is possible. You know how to focus in order to achieve success at work. You don’t believe all these promises of easy money, you want to see the evidence. You prefer facts, not faith.

Virgo, you could feel somehow frustrated when you don’t see immediate results, but you know that patience is a virtue in many areas of life, including your finances.

You will be irritable once you see your books don’t balance or you’re not paid what you’re owed. Be diplomatic as always, but claim what is yours. Diplomacy is more useful than bad manners.

Be careful if you have pending lawsuits, you will hear news about it this week. It could be because of wrongful termination, a divorce, an inheritance…etc.


Your willpower will come and go during this week until the middle of November. You will improve your health some days, but some others you will go one or two steps behind. You will find it difficult to balance it.

You’re not entirely happy with what you see in the mirror and you will even consider some surgery. If you decide to do it, be subtle with it. Don’t lose the characteristics of your face, your features are what make you unique.