Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 August

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health


If you’re in love you will live moments of true pleasure and joy. There’s a fire inside of you that will make you burn your bedsheets with the drive of a wild animal.

That stagnation in your love life will disappear, the stars will help you make up with your partner, so don’t get anxious. No matter how difficult things get, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

If single you will be lucky and will become more important to your loved one (or the person you like and could become your significant other in the future). You will get the phone number of almost anybody you want!

Being on time will be paramount if you want any date to be successful. If you’re late you are very likely to be greeted with a dull expression rather than with a smile.

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You will be receptive to the signs sent by the stars. You know how to read them and you will take advantage of the situations you will face in order to grow a little bit more. You always need to be in constant evolution!

You won’t have many problems this week, there won’t be many risks and they are easy to detect. What’s more, some planets will let you make your budget a little bit more flexible and you’ll adapt to all your needs.

Maybe you will find an ambitious project that could seem somehow intimidating at first, but don’t hesitate and dive into it, this is the occasion you need to show your worth. You won’t fail, the work you’ve done with yourself finally has its results.

Communication will be easy and articulate, you will be able to make money through deals and agreements. It’s a specially powerful week for those who work with commission sales.


Competition. That’s what you need in order to become fitter. Join some tournament that demands you to be better than others, give the best from you. Did you know that this is also a good way to get rid of all the stress you feel?

You’re open to novelties and surprises, you don’t want to be stuck in the same habits and you want the universe to show you what you don’t know yet. A world full of experiences is waiting for you!

Adopting a pet will be very good for those Virgo who feel lonely. A dog or a cat will keep you company and will fill your life with happiness. Of course, make sure you’re not allergic first!