Virgo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




The Magic Horoscope induces an attentive climate in hearts. Any suspicion that could lead you to feel unhappy will be removed. Your insightful intuition will lead you to make your relationship more sensual.

Virgo’s feelings are powerful, the seduction is intense, but sometimes you are too submissive. Maybe you will agree to certain fantasies your partner has that you don’t really want at all, but you don’t know how to tell them that you’d better leave it for another moment.

If you’re on the verge of a sentimental crisis, you need to be more reasonable than ever and step back, you’re on the edge of breaking up. Define your obstacles, this is how you will be able to avoid them.

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You’re concerned about financial issues. You won’t avoid your obligations, Virgo, and some night you could even spend it awake, thinking new options for a more frugal lifestyle in which there are no shortages.

Virgo, you will miss past times when your economy was more solid when you could agree to any suggestion you were made regarding leisure or gastronomy. But thinking about these times won’t be useful at all during this week.

You will find the strength you need in order to stand up and achieve that state of bonanza, even if this won’t be something that happens overnight.


According to the weekly prediction, your general health will be good, but you could suffer some discomfort in your mouth that will make you cancel some plan or postpone them to another date.

There are some points that are not negotiable regarding health and well-being, Virgo. Don’t give in to blackmail and things you don’t want to do if you see they are risky, even if it’s your own partner asking you to do them.

Last but not least, remember to get more hydrated. Learn to drink water every time your body needs it before you start feeling thirsty.