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You’re very creative in the matters of love, you want to make your relationship stronger and you will make possible any idea that you put your mind on.

You might be happier than your other half, but if you row the same direction, talking calmly, you will be able to create beautiful situations.

If single, you will think about how to begin a new stage in your life, and some of you, single Virgos, will be victims of love at first sight. Go to that person who makes you smile when your eyes meet.

Learn to forget that fear of commitment, but it’s alright that conquering someone’s heart is something that causes fear sometimes. Your independence won’t disappear, even if you end up getting married!

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You will have to be strong if you want to break all the obstacles on your way, Virgo. Let’s go with all your courage, facing your responsibilities and with a positive mind!

You may hear some criticism about you, but you won’t take them as attacks. You will consider how right they are and you will act accordingly and objectively.

You will also be more sensible with your management, you will expect results and will be a mirror for those who are in the same financial situation.

Finally, take this advice: put your heart on your work, every gesture and every action you do. Your workmates and your clients will thank you for that.


As always, your well-being will be perfect if you stay away from excesses. Of course, if you’re on holiday, temptation will be everywhere.

Your first sin is food, the pleasure caused by sweets (or savory foods, it’s up to your taste) is even stronger than sex! Don’t overeat when you sit down on the dining table. And don’t eat too much hot food, no matter how much you like it.

Try to avoid sudden movements and lifting things that are too heavy. Your back is not in its best shape and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And don’t forget to take care of your voice, especially if your job depends on it (singers, public speakers, teachers, salespeople…)