Weekly Horoscope for Virgo. | Magic Horoscope


This week begins with some emotional fragility. You need to start managing your emotions as soon as possible and learn when not to feel as if other people’s problems were yours. You’re really sensitive and you may need a professional to help you with it.

You will have the help of the Stars to change this behaviour and you will be able to calm down this anxiety.

You will learn how to be more diplomatic in moments of tension. If you’re in a relationship, your partner and you will finally find points you have in common. If you’re single, you will try your best to get closer to that person you like.

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You should avoid making financial decisions this week. You don’t have enough perspective and you can’t see what is beneficial or what can be harmful. Think very carefully before you commit to anything and, if you can, wait until you see things clearly.

Your family will be your priority this week. You will feel motivated to face your professional obligations because of them and you will understand that every effort you make will be worth it if you can end up spoiling them as they deserve. Being in the company of your partner, parents, and children will charge your batteries and will make you forget all the stress from work.

Virgo, know your worth, especially when negotiation. Someone will try to make you work for little money and that’s something you can’t let happen. Don’t let others play with you or with the effort you put at work.


Virgo, the Stars will make you take a different direction in order to improve your health. You will be willing to help others and you could end up helping a friend who is moving, or taking care of someone with a disability. In a way, you will be able to combine work with pleasure.

Those born under the sign enjoy learning, and this week you will be an avid reader, you will be happy to discover new perspectives with the help of a good book.

Just be careful if someone tries to sell you some product or some therapy that can apparently change your life. It’s going to be completely useless.